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The Perfect Sunroom

The Perfect Sunroom
A sunroom is a fantastic investment for your home, adding space, value and an excellent visual appeal both inside and out. Sunrooms help to bring the light, warmth and atmosphere of the outdoors into your home - helping you to enjoy your property as much as possible.

Why Choose

The thought of adding such a new area to the home leaves many people feeling intimidated, but it needn't be as expensive or complicated as you might have expected. When it comes to adding a sunroom, experienced craftsmanship is a must if you want to ensure that you're making a long-term investment for your home, lasting for years and adding onto the value of your property. use only highly-experienced joiners and excellent quality glass to ensure your sunroom is just as you had imagined, and more! We can help take the stress out of the work by implementing the latest designs and technology. The result? A beautiful living space that can be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come. also provides all of its customers with an unbeatable ten year insurance backed guarantee. Even if we were to cease trading, your sunroom will be protected by this guarantee, which can also be transferred to new owners should you choose to sell.

So why not enjoy the beauty and value a sunroom installation can bring to your home and request a no obligation quotation today?

What Is A Sunroom?

A sunroom is typically a room with three or more of its sides made of glass. The words conservatory and sunroom are often used interchangeably, though conservatories are also considered a specific type of sunroom design, popularised in Victorian Britain. Sunrooms are generally designed to increase exposure of the sun, letting in natural heat and light throughout the year.

Sunrooms are also known as sun parlours, green rooms, solariums, conservatories, porch enclosures, and patio rooms. They can be added to your existing building, or enclose areas such as a deck or patio.

Possible Uses for Your New Sunroom

Sunrooms are generally designed to help bring heat and light in from outside. That said, each person uses their sunroom in a unique and different way. Some might choose a sunroom simply to add beauty into a space they enjoy relaxing in, where others need the extra space as their family expands. They are usually used as a striking sitting and dining area, as well as being used as a home office, exercise area, play room, a place for growing plants and more.

The main factor to consider in what to use your sunroom for is that some sunrooms are only usable for the milder months, getting too cold in the winter. However, you can opt for a four season sunroom, which includes insulation and heating systems extended from your home, or you can choose to use portable heating appliances.

Why Choose A Sunroom?

There are many reasons why people choose sunrooms as opposed to traditional home additions. In general, sunrooms are a lot more cost-effective to build. You'll also get minimal disruption to your home, as sunrooms are a lot quicker to install.

Sunrooms are also a lot cheaper to install than moving to a new home. If you need extra living space then a sunroom gives you a whole new functional room - which is also a room that adds extra value onto your home when it comes time to sell.

Not only this, but sunrooms provide a beautiful space to relax in. The heat from the sun can help to reduce your heating bills in winter, and they really can help to bring the outdoors into your home.

How Much Will A Sunroom Cost?

Sunroom prices vary depending on a number of different aspects. For more advice on the different types of sunroom available, try viewing our Sunroom Types page. In general, larger sunrooms will be more expensive, as well as those that require built in heating or cooling systems. Simply contact us for a no obligation quote to find out more. Setting Up Your Sunroom

When the construction has been completed you can have some fun furnishing it however you want! The great thing about sunrooms is that they can be used for a variety of purposes and with a variety of different furnishings. Perhaps you are going to use the sunroom as a place for your children to play, or maybe you want to install some shelves to store your favourite books? Whatever you want you can usually achieve!

Think carefully about what you want out of your sunroom so that you can research and plan it ahead of time. A sunroom is something that should last for many years to come, so a little time spend thinking about it beforehand can be extremely valuable in years to come. You also need to ensure you have planning permission, which we can take care off prior to constructing your chosen design. Once you've gone through the necessary processes you'll be enjoying your sunroom in no time!

Need to Know More About Sunrooms?

Sunrooms are an excellent addition to the value of your home, but once you decide on installing one you'll have plenty of research to carry out. You'll want to make sure you install the right type on sunroom for your home, your budget, and what you need to use it for.

That's why, here at, we've also provided tips on the types of sunroom, the benefits of installing a sunroom, and how you might choose to furnish your new sunroom. And, when it comes time, we'll provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote for your new sunroom.